The Racist Portrayal of Asians in American Media

How come in Hollywood flicks we see mostly see Black-Black couples, or Latin-Latin couples, but Asian women are always paired with a White guy? It seems like most TV shows and movies in the past ten years exclusively pair an Asian girl with a White (or Black) guy romatically. Asian men are being completely suppressed and excluded in television and film.

It blows my mind that no Asian actresses are willing to object to the scripts, or fight against these negative stereotypes. They don’t understand the power of TV/film to mold the way people think.

These shows affect kids. Teens, especially girls, judge themselves on others’ opinions, and are easily influenced. Young, insecure Asian girls are conditioned through social norms/media to ‘act White’ and want only White men (self hate), and young Asian American boys growing up in the US are conditioned to think they are unattractive. Some Asian youth resolve identity conflict by developing self-hate and bashing their heritage, family, and people (ex ‘I won’t date Asians’, or criticizing other Asians).

Whether it be fashion magazines, gossip mags, TV, movies, or our friends, all of us are influenced and emulate in some way what we see on screen. Entertainment can be as influential as advertising. So many shows and movies in America demean Asian men, while perpetuating an ‘Asian Girl Fetish’ in this country. It is Hollywood Colonialism.


13 responses to “The Racist Portrayal of Asians in American Media

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  2. Black with black ? not truth , i always seen black women with white men on films ,and yes Asians have self hatred just like African Americans, cause by the media they always portrays white as beautiful , but people should be responsible for their own actions can’t always blame it on the “White men”I don’t think Asians are ugly only the inside make you guys look ugly and many of those white people Asians worship make fun of you guys , most of my white friends say racist things aimed at Asians which i don’t agree with them at all.In addition , most wouldn’t shop at an Asian owned shops ,because they will send the money back to Asia what stupid thing to say because some of the store owners are Asian Americans.Self hatred makes Asians look bad .Love yourselves because no one else will ,love yourself .Peace

  3. Have you seen the new iphone 4 ad. Not only one but two of the sexy Asian female to White male couples in a short commercial!
    Note to Apple….Think different!

  4. Why are black people like you so jelious of whites? So what if Asians worship whites, why in the hell would they worship blacks???

    • First of all you dumb, ignorant, need to improve your God awful English piece of irrelevant shit, this article was written by an Asian person. Not a black person. Second, how in the hell did blacks become a primary topic in your inexplicable response? You ask why in the hell would Asians worship blacks? Let me think. Blacks are the original race on the face of this planet. Blacks built the firts kingdoms and civilizations, which ALL races try to emulated in an attempt to develop their own society. Romans, Greeks, and etc. went to AFRICA to learn about education and so forth. And before you go into your bullshit response of Africa being in shambles now or blacks in America being criminals, in ghettos and whatever tired ass stereotype that comes to your small mind, try doing some education of your own – you know since you fucking Asians pride yourself on educated “smart” – to understand the systemic factors by European nations and the whites in America to bring a current state of disillusion in parts of Africa and some black communities in America. You fucking people make me so sick. I guess it makes your slant ass feel better if you are “above” another race while whites look at you as nothing more but a quiet, insignificant, worship whites dormat that you are. Your race is patheic and NO ONE gives a damn about your people. Don’t get me started on parts of Asia and how fuck’d up it is.

      • Nevermind the infernal bigotry your apoplectic response characterises. Each to his/her own moral/racial allegiance. I’m not here to fight fire with fire… What I can’t tolerate is the abundance of ignorance and misinformation on the web, disseminated by phonies like you and uniformly thrown in a grab bag in the form of endless inane, decadent flame war topics rallying crusades against the intellectual worth of mankind.

        First of all, I don’t know what quack of an Afro-centric sympathiser taught you world history, but “blacks built the first kingdoms and civilisations??” classic… The first towns: Jericho, Catal Huyuk, Damasus… places in which no Blackman has set foot in a hundred millennia before the modern era. Civilisations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, absolutely nothing to do with blacks; in fact, Meroë was ruled under Egypt until its collapse and the difference in the peoples’ complexion is notable from their wall paintings. And what on earth did the Greeks and Romans have to learn from a race that never developed bronze-making until it was imported from Muslims a thousand years into the Common Era? Is this blatant decadence by some fault of the “systemic” European imperialism? To mind, the only affluent kingdoms in Africa were Ghana, Mali, and Songhay, the latter two owing distinctly to Islamic architects, and even so, easily outmatched by contemporaneous achievements of the Aztecs who were devoid of wheels and pulleys and trailing the Old World by thousands of years because of post-glacial nomadism. Lest we forget, all Native Americans are a proto-Mongoloid subrace and some of the most advanced warriors and hunters in precivilisation.

        And what was that about East Asians being pathetic? How “fuck’d” up is it? Do enlighten me. I seem to miscount all the Pacific tigers which have sprung to the top of the world stage in just the last quarter century… Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, even Vietnam, and the Mother Of All Inventions China… Each with an efficient, systematic administration the clunky, self-loving United States could only covet and otherwise sully with propagandist calumny? When was the last time Americans turned an envious eye to Africa besides over the rage of some mutilated Somalian model called “Desert Flower?” Asians do not pride themselves on intellect and they can’t care less if another group tries to debase them for their own contentment: Asians earn respect for and merit each other on the grounds of hard work, and they deserve neither their scornful portrayal in Western media nor the folly of your low-life White-ass-kissing prejudice. To set you straight, you alone have nothing to be proud of—do humanity a favour and stop masquerading your puerile conceit in the form of half-educated missives written by someone worth heeding (who you clearly are not), your nonsense will only harm the repute of your own petty allegiance, one I would perhaps tolerate if I knew worse.


        NEXT IN LINE

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  7. I think this article hit the nail pretty squarely on the head. Being an Asian male myself, I have definitely noticed the stereotypes. However I find them more amusing then offensive. I think that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

  8. This article is pointless. They make blanket generalizations and then cite NO examples of these alleged incidents. Most Asians in film ARE men (Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee) and are portrayed as cool action heroes. Asian women are seen as strong and confident (see: Lucy Liu, Michelle Yeoh), not accessories of the white man. In fact, I can’t think of any movies/television shows off the top of my head that feature white men and Asian women. Give at least a few well-known examples before saying all American media is an endless fount of Asian-bashing.

    Am I wrong here?

    • the fact that you only named Jackie chan, Jet li, and Bruce Lee is the prime example of the stereotype. Yes they were badass in their movies but it was also a curse as they set the bar so high that every asian is compared to them and limits asian actors to the same roles over and over again. But there is a reason they only made a few hollywood films. To asian’s around the world their hollywood movies are terrible compared to their hong kong movies. Just go read about Jackie chan’s comments on how he hated the Rush Hour movies. In american movies it’s still too risky even with these big name actors to star in a movie all by themselves, which is why there is always an american co-star to appeal to the non-asian audience in the US, hence why jackie is paired with owen wilson, chris tucker, and jet li is paired with jason stathom, dmx. Fact: Bruce Lee only made 1 hollywood movie which co-starred john saxon and jim kelly. While in Hong Kong their roles are much much deeper than just beating up thugs.
      But about the fact that they almost always pair an asian girl with a non-asian actor is pretty obvious. Just look at Looper, Hangover 2, Transporter 1, Bangkok Dangerous, 007 die another day, the mummy 3, malcom in the middle, scrubs, everything Lucy liu is in, every movie Bai Ling is in, and a shit ton of commercials, I know cause my dad used to always point it out whenever he noticed.
      In my opinion when Jeremy Lin became a star that was when it kinda hit the world that in the US they openly use racial jokes about asians and not expect any backlash from it. It was everywhere and even my white friends started to notice that yes asians do get offended when you mock our languages with “ching chong” sounds. To asians racial slurs hit us like the “N” word to black people. But the western world is slowly waking up and realizing just how many asian’s there are in the world and how successful they are. And that also brings with it the fear of asians as a threat to America even if those asian’s are proud americans. In a few years the US will look at asian’s with complete fear and distrust just as they did in the past to the japanese and like what they are doing now to the Muslim community. The movie Red Dawn clearly shows what america thinks of China, as another country just waiting to invade the US, and yes it WAS China but the chinese complained to the producers so they had to change it to North Korea even though all the asian characters in the movie spoke chinese.The day is coming my friends.

  9. People who deny racial stereotyping of Asians by Hollywood media often made the same clueless indiffetence with regard to ative portrayal of other minorities (Blacks, Latinos, women, gays, etc). The logics goes…hey, prejudices are everywhere done by everyone, an innate human tendency, so just chill out and accept it! One must experience it to know how demeaning and hurtful such experiences can be. That said, one must take the initiative to change what one considers offensive. While other minorities have ALL made significant strides toward equality and balanced treatments by American society at large, Asian Americans still lag behind them in terms of negative depictions by American media. Case on point, someone herein mentions positive portrayal of Asians on the silver screen in the guises of superstars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li–reinforcing Asians as mindless, shallow and effeminate asexual (notice NONE of them ever make out, not even one peck on the cheek of their female costars__Jackie is a slapstick buffoons with the stupid Chinese accents whose girl friend in Rush Hour is Latino and not God forbid some White princess because it is just not marketable!) We’ve all seen Denzel and other Black/Latinos break the color barriers in the media, but not Asians. To be fair, when one does not take the initiative to change others negative stereotyping of onelself, then one is to blame! As fourth generation Asian American (my grandpa and dad were decorated wounded vets in WWII and VN respectively so we feel that we earn the rights to be treated with dignity as other Americans!) I feel that my fellow AA hadn’t done much directly to combat prejudices. We just quietly acknowledge that racism against exists and focus on ways around these barriers through very successful achievement in academic, business but let other !minorities carry the burden of civil rights__I see Jews, Blacks with MLK while Latinos have Jesus Chaves union strikes. As an educated person it is painful to admit the truth, not self hating but truth! We need to raise hell, protest and fight for our rights. When you don’t define yourself, someone else will and you cannot whine whine!!!

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