Hollywood agent: “You guys buy, dress, read, and you’re educated like White people. There’s no demand for Asians”

If Asian Americans, who have big spending power, don’t create their own market, then images of Asians in Western media will forever cater to stereotypes and things that nonWhites like (demeaning images/jokes of Asian males, exotification of Asian females as sex objects)…
“The best advice I ever got was from a Jewish American agent, and he said, “Look Sung, I don’t care what color you are. If you can make me money, you could be blue. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to speak one word of English. If you can make money for us, you’re going to be put into movies.” And a lot of people point fingers at the actors and say how could you take this role, but Asian Americans need to step back and take a look at themselves. Besides the educated filmgoer, the general public doesn’t care about Asian Americans. They’re not going to go out to buy a ticket because there are Asian American actors or an Asian American director.

Paramount showed us this chart: Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics. And we asked them, where’s the yellow part? And they said there is none, because Asians consume like Caucasians. You guys buy, you dress, you read and you’re educated like white people. There’s no demand for it. When Better Luck Tomorrow was released, less than 5% of the ticket sales were from Asian Americans. ”



3 responses to “Hollywood agent: “You guys buy, dress, read, and you’re educated like White people. There’s no demand for Asians”

  1. This was an interesting article, and it makes me wonder if Hollywood has so programmed the film-viewing demographic to think of the Asian-American element in cinema as being little more than something of the “martial arts” niche market?

  2. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Asian American community, we haven’t had any one person be a trail blazer/stereotype breaker for a long time. The last one was Bruce Lee (he was born in SF) and he passed away almost 40 years ago.

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