Asian Inferiority Complex, Self Hate, and White worship

-Why are White models and actors frequently used for ads in Asia?
-Why do so many Asian women get eye enlarging surgery, dye their hair blonde, and wear blue contacts?
-How come some Asian youth are ‘not attracted to Asians’?
-How come if you are Caucasian or an English-speaking Asian in Asia, you are treated better everywhere you go?
-How come some Asians get ashamed from being around ‘too many Asians’?
-Why didn’t more Asian-Americans STAND UP after ‘Vincent Chin’?

Here is an article about the phenomenon of Asian youth ‘just not attracted to Asians’:

An article about all the Caucasians used in Asian commercials:


48 responses to “Asian Inferiority Complex, Self Hate, and White worship

  1. the first link is unavailable. also, you could have answered your own questions instead of just asking them and then posting one working link.

  2. That’s because Asian’s culture teaches Asians to be timid and agreeable. Whereas Western culture tend to be more aggressive and non-confirming.

    So it’s no surprise that White folks keep pushing their influence into Asian ground while the timid Asians just sit there and shrug.

  3. I agree with PM Mahatir’s decisions in the second weblink.

    The number of white faces on Asian commercial is staggering… and I wish I can say “vice versa”. But the fact is there are almost NO asian faces in Western countries commercial or media in general.

    White folks can shout out racism for the banned of White faces in Asian media. However, Racisms are on them too for NOT having asian faces on their media. But how come this question is never raised in Western media? Well, that’s is the privileged of being White, you can get away with something that other colours can’t!

  4. You also have to take into consideration, that, the propagation of Christianity and its missionaries into Asia has distorted the way many Asians think. If you take a look at hatred and racism from Koreans, Phillipinos , and Indonesians have toward Japanese people , it is shocking, since historically, it is a fact that many more Korean civilians perished during the Korean war, but you seldom hear comlpaints against Americans. You always see a mass concentration of hate as well as state sponsored racism toward Japan. I am studying this right now, and I believe with more time, I can prove something.

    • That’s simply not true. Yes, more koreans did die in the korean war, but it’s the way the japanese behaved that created such deep-seated hatred that has lasted till this day. Same thing in China, where my grandmother witnessed the severing of her own father’s head by the Imperial Japanese. American’s never did this on any notable scale to civilians, except maybe until the Vietnam war.

  5. Read the bible and put the precepts into practice. Hold “wrongdoers” accountable and correct bad religion which is often cloaked for politics. Individual people acting in the collective to boldy live by GOD’S commands is the key.

    What’s in the bible is not what is practiced in many Christian religions. GOD made all people of worth and beauty. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”.. so act like it. You don’t need permission from anyone to do this. Carry yourself with worth. Stop knocking each other down because someone isn’t bowing to others. LOVE YOURSELVES! SERVING and helping Appreciate each other for content of character.

    I am shocked to learn Asian TV is filled with white faces? Why can’t people get past the outside packaging to the inner soul? Every race has wonderful aspects. Because every one is of one race the human race and all have one source one father. Yes there are filthy, evil people etc of every race. Immerse yourselves in the Spirit and the truth will be uncovered. Every one is born with the spark of divinity in them expressed in a myriad of ways. The world is so messed up in people’s thinking.
    Change the world one person at a time refusing to accept what passed for “the norm.” Let the Holy Spirit lead you to truth.

  6. asian to asian racism is even worse. One time i had an asian professor of the same asian ethnicity. I was the only student of that ethnicity in the class . My professor had gone to grad school in a state with no asians and had an inferiority complex. The white and black students with questions were untouchable, but whenever I asked her anything she would openly harrass me in front of everybody, possibly becuase she believed that she could prove that she different than other asians and thought that she could take her frustrations out at me safely and being of the same asian ethnicity i wouldn’t complain. It was an unprofessional and basest level instinct that she demonstrated.

  7. whoa whoa whoa tuan, chill out. This isn’t an “I caught you!” match. Its a legitimate culture study. We have to live together, lets understand each other so we can get along. Cool? I had a professor in college who is Asian, and did not respond well to the something as simple as a basic question. He would say “I already told you that, if you were listening”, whereas other teachers would say something similar, with a way less harsh tone, more of a joking around atmosphere, and then tell you the answer. That was just the beginning of his inferiority complex. He saw every question or suggestion as a threat that he had to aggresively ridicule to protect his honor. In his mind, the man was perfect, as well as his teaching style and if there was some mistake in that understanding, then you’re an irresponsible student for not knowing as much as he does and for daring to let him know. It was laughably unprofessional and a waste of everyone’s time. He graded unfairly and got the unfavorable grade he deserved from us on, and then complained about it. He pretended he didn’t care as he proceeded to complain all about it. Now he knows its not fun to receive an unfair grade, and nobody wins when you actually act out on your inferiority complex in a professional environment.

  8. Edit: Then he asked why we graded him so badly. When we told him with all due respect what his flaws were and why there was a complete consensus on the dislike for his class, he didn’t want to hear our suggestions. He maintained his perfection. He doesn’t want to hear it and he wont learn, so he will repeat the same mistakes and get the same results. And he will continue to garner his growing bad reputation. I can retake that class, obviously with a different teacher, and get graded for the work I do this time, whereas he is now stuck with his grade.

  9. hmmmm joe, i don’t think you understand the discussion here. yes, this article is about the asian inferiority complex, but with insight into why and how it exists in relation to the predominantly white/mainstream culture. if you are confused then read Linda kim’s comment posted above yours.

    ps. just because i have a scary display pic doesn’t mean that i am hostile and we can’t get along. cool? >:D

  10. lol no I know man I don’t consider this environment to be a hostile environment, I consider it to be an outlet and a place of understanding amongst those who have gone up against this issue in their life in some form or another. Before I posted, I read all the comments and I found them all to be informative of something I didn’t realize was occuring within the Asian culture, and an interesting dilemma for everyone who clashes up against the problem. I definitely want all the races and cultures to get along and I believe no one is superior to anyone else, and no one should act like it, whether it’s: “I have more information than you/You have less information than me, therefore I’m not inferior: you are” or all the points that were already brought up. I was encouraged by what was already in this forum, to use this forum as an outlet to a recent frustration, and it was cathartic to do so. I know it’s not absolutely relevant to what was already brought up, but it was close enough to me when I was still recovering from the frustrations of having to deal with that situation. The only reason it seems off topic is because I chose not to include details of when my professor told us we didn’t like his class because of his accent, which was the furthest thing from my mind. I didn’t like his class because of the unfair policies. Anyways, I’m glad forums like these exist so we can encourage each other to be honest in a straightforward and constructive way.


  11. Plus it’s called think outside the box. It’s relevant enough. Points are allowed to be introduced as long as they fall under the umbrella of “Asain Inferiority Complex”. My professor had an Asian Inferiority Complex. He said “California is far away” (from Florida) and the “You guys don’t like my accent” routine which I’ve said before (fun piece of trivia). I wont portray him as all bad, because that takes away my credibility. The fact of the matter is he wasn’t an all-bad guy. He tried his best to cover all his bases, inform ahead of time, provide options and so on, and be a fair moderator during the Christian and Jewish religions discussions (the only religions my zombie classmates were awake and familiar with enough to have an opinion about). But there’s also a point where being efficient and strict on deadlines crosses the line into hurtful territory in terms of people who need good grades. There’s no doubt about it, when your grade starts slipping, and you do everything you can to bring it up, and you ask him “If I do this, this and this to bring my grade up, will it go up, or should I just drop the class and save myself from getting an “F” on my transcript?” and he says “Yes, you can pass if you do these things”, and then you do those things and your grade doesn’t go up the way he told you it would, there’s something wrong. And when you spend countless hours of your life answering his take home questions and you come turn them in when class starts at 8:00 AM, and he doesn’t accept the work because he made up a fantastical rule that the work had to be turned in before 8:00 on the day, there’s something wrong. And when that happens to more than one student there’s definitely a few more raised eyebrows. When you address him on those issues, he says you are the one who is wrong, and you are the one who was late by one day, so he doesn’t accept the work at all, he gives you an F for being one day late, whereas every other professor just takes ten points off, or has the crazy idea of just accepting the work during class period instead of marking it as an F because you had it completed and ready to turn in during class period. You are wrong because he can not stand the thought of being inferior. He is so scared of being called out on being inferior, that he does everything he can to make you look like the one who messed up, and theres nothing you can say or do about it: you were a day late, thats that, he wins (what does he win? a bad reputation! congradulations). Well when the entire class gets bad grades (below 70’s – all of them), that reflects on the professor. And when the professor refuses to change an unfair policy, that reflects on him. And when he always fights against anything that slightly suggests him being wrong and clearly can’t handle making mistakes, that’s an inferiority complex. And when he’s Asian, that’s an Asian Inferiority Complex.

  12. ok, we get it. you don’t like your professor because he has an inferiority complex…. and???? is that it? as dead as this forum is we don’t need further details as to why you don’t like the guy. just because he has an inferiority complex and happens to be asian doesn’t mean that they’re related in any way. your details don’t support any relation between the two; they only evidence that the guy’s a tool. you may as well say, “he has a complex and he is a professor; therefore he has a Professor Inferiority Complex.” that contributes as much to the discussion as me saying, “Hello guys, i have an asian inferiority complex, kthxbye.”

    my point is that if even half the amount of time you spent on ranting about your professor was redirected toward examining the questions posed in this post, we might be able to get some discussion going.

  13. edit: and by “examining the questions posed in this post,” i am referring to the questions being asked in the original blog post.

  14. Because Asian people are damn smart and they know black people are a bunch of losers. Black people a very jelious and furstrated that Asians and whites get along with eachother and they both hate black people. Lol. Trust me I’m mixed Asian/white. Black people are the only ones complaining about Asians wanting to be white because blacks want everyone to hate whites. Lol! Black people are so pathedic.


    • Genetic Annihilator

      Claiming to be smart with such poor spelling eh? Why even after the nuclear humiliation of your people at the hands of white folks – not to mention Korea, Malaya, Burma, Vietnam etc, you’re still killing yourself trying to be white? Go to Thailand or Philippines and watch pathetic young female Asian teens throwing themselves at any old white male object within ten metres. You claim to be mixed but I bet your dad is the white one. With mixed black/ white offsprings the dad is usually the black one – go figure. For your info please google: ‘….why asians worship white people…’ and you’ll see how many hits come up. Fact is, unlike you guys, black folk don’t smile and suffer racism in silence.
      Whites are not put on a pedestal in Africa either. They are either seen as unwanted settlers or colonial throwbacks – not worshipped (see white farmers in SA). Talking about ‘bunch of losers?’ Lets get something straight – apart from academic/ technology-based employment where Asians are pretty well-represented in the States, what other area of people activity are they allowed to gain employment in the West? Whites know that if blacks gain power they will surely be genetically annihilated (Mendelian genetics) and that we would never forgive them for colonialism, apartheid, slavery etc ……whereas Asians are still dazed and deluded even after their historical abuse for the sole purpose of ritualistic sacrifice to their great white god Harry Truman under the guise of nuclear target practice. Now the Japanese only want whiter skin!!! As if…??
      I predict China will be a superpower right – but would still be totally controlled by a united white world. Of cause there’s no racial solidarity between Asians. To me Chinese and Burmese look the same for obvious reasons. In other words the same (unmentionable) racial slurs would suffice for both. They think they can be white by simply copying them? When you talk about smart I hope you don’t mean Asian nerds who excel in Eurocentric academic endeavours – or do you? Everything you think you know will only confuse you if you do not fully understand the machinery of white supremacy, its manifestations and ultimate goal. Real losers? Know thyself dude…

      • I, as a Northeast Asian American male have never heard truer words spoken. Blacks and East Asians should be natural allies yet all my fellow ‘Asians’ (more like banana white-washed race traitors) all worship whites and have no dignity. These fucktards need to read some Sun Zhong San, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. The white worshipping ways of so many Asians make me want to punch each and everyone of them in the face repeatedly until they realize what little fucking pussies and pushovers they are, loving white man long time.

        I applaud you genetic annihlator

      • Frankly I appreciate africans maintaining their dignity before whitties, unlike asians who only know to kowtow

    • Wow, what racism. In my world, there are many whites and asians who would be offended that you actually think that they think like you. Black people a bunch of losers? All the black people I know are hard-working, spiritual, caring people. They are too busy to hate. In fact, most of the people I know are good caring people who have no hate. You are pathetic for being so full of hatred. I feel sorry for you. When you wake up, you might discover the world is more repulsed by the hatred you spew then by any particular race. You sound like a scary and damaged person. You need help.

    • you are a prime example of a pussy ass Asian…

  15. I kind of have to disagree with the above ID: Awaken, because actually, I’ve seen more Asians and Blacks get along better than do Asians and whites..

    As a full Korean myself, I’ve lived among both whites and blacks in a seperate time/location frame and I found blacks to be more friendly and heartistic than did the white counterparts..

    White people are always nice and kind at first but never any more or any less.. always at the point 5, mediocre relationship continues..
    However, blacks may start kind of mean (they do pull a lot of asian jokes at first) or less friendly but gradually you build more of a relationship that’d last..

    Oh and by the way, Asian Inferiority Complex???!! More like White Boys Inferiority Complex when they see a buff Asian dude with white girls at THEIR bar or clubs..
    Seriously white people have just as much inferiority complex as any other race..

    Oh and the only reason why I find the most people’s hate toward Blacks (funny thing ONLY guys have this hatred most of the time) is because especially for guys, they think Blacks have the biggest dicks thus getting to sleep with any chick they want.. which is very much derived from General Inferioriy Complex..

    And White models in Asian countries?

    Let’s put it this way.. start from the top.. if Louis Vuitton (spelled wrong? fuck it), Prada, and all the other designers’ products were from Asia instead of Europe, I promise you the otherwise.. that more Asian models will be out there.. really, if you ever go to Korea or Japan, they got WAYYYY better looking and WAYY better bodied ladies in clubs….oh yea..

    and lastly, as an Asian man myself, I seriously hate other Asian dudes asking me how it is to sleep with white girls or girls of non-Asian background.. fuck if you are so damn interested go find out for yourself..

    I just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading and writing on this non-productive what-the-fucks-the-point thread…***sigh…

  16. africanblackmilitant

    I’ve got no problem with Asian guys. I know Asian women don’t really like black men. It tends to be there own men, or white men and that’s it. Not that I’m stressing, but I’m just making an observation.

  17. -Why are White models and actors frequently used for ads in Asia?
    Because westernised organisations/media have an established influence in Asia, and the English culture seems to be recognised as the global culture.
    -How come some Asian youth are ‘not attracted to Asians’?
    Because they want to assimulate and be accepted in the western countries.
    -How come if you are Caucasian or an English-speaking Asian in Asia, you are treated better everywhere you go?
    Because they assume you are more globally connected and wealthier.
    -How come some Asians get ashamed from being around ‘too many Asians’?
    Because they dont want to be seen as an outcast who dont mix well with western communities
    -Why didn’t more Asian-Americans STAND UP after ‘Vincent Chin’?
    Because they are there just to have a peaceful life without trying to challenge the status quo

    • You have summed it up as basically Asians being cowards and self hating pieces of shit with no honor and no dignity. All your ancestors if revived would behead each of you lot of cowards for letting the whites bully us.

      • Real talk man I feel the same way. Can’t stand these bitchass cowards male and female alike. Funny thing is they avoid Asians like us because they can see the pride in our eyes and actually feel stupid themselves. Love the confused expressions on the girls faces. I can read their minds. They’re thinking: “what’s going on why am attracted to this Asian guy and wth is he so proud? better leave now before I give it up to him after all I only like blonde guys, or do I?” Leaves the room with white boy looking confused. you know what tho? it’s ok cause handsome Asians are likely the most desired by all females and I’m living proof of it haha. I love being me

  18. Ok so I have heard a lot on this subject. It makes ense that many asian countries would have somewhat of an inferiority complex because of a few reasons. Japan,being an island was a bit more isolated and tends to culturally isolate themselves aswell. The only interactions they really have with other cultures is political or media influenced- they are uncomfortable accepting things outside o their comfort zone. I do not mean all of them- but the,majority of them do not like to branch out or accept things out of the norm.

  19. I’m a bisexual South-Asian youth and I’m simply not attracted to other South-Asians (or anyone who’s not white for that instance)- it’s not some conscious racist decision I’m making, they simply don’t get it up.

  20. Well, just look at all the people in the world (not just Asia) who want to emigrate to northern Europe and other countries that are predominantly white. Europeans aren’t racist in general, but they resent the constant influx of people from all these other countries.

  21. Also, if they truly believe white people are evil, racist, and persecute people of color – then that would be a good reason to avoid immigrating to Europe. Yet, Asians and African flock to European countries by the boatload.

    • You are one retarded bitch. Go read up white history of enslaving Africans, commiting genocide on all the Native Amerindians from North to South America, using Opium to drug all of China, destroying and cutting up East Asia, bullying Japan and China with unequal treaties, raping and pillaging the land, cutting up the Middle East and the Ottoman Empire, defacto enslavement of Chinese American miners and railroad workers, Chinese exclusion acts, Japanese (Gentlemen’s) Exclusion Act, concentration camps for Japanese AMERICANS, Vincent CHin, PRivate Danny Chen, Lance Corporal Lew, etc.etc.

    • Excuse me? there are lot of European prositutes here in japan. bitch please

  22. jesus christ 2.0

    why is it that asian girls only date white guys? most asian countries are third world, yet most white countries are first world? why white ppl are use in asian ads? why asian use skin whiting cream? the answer is simple. asian people sucks!

    • Nope. It’s because whites used slave labor and genocide to build their empire while wrecking the other nations of the world and stealing their natural resources. Your people were wearing loin cloths and chucking spears at each other when we Chinese built one of the world’s oldest civilizations. During the mid ages, when the west was an absolute shithole and a third of the population was dying of disease, China created gunpowder, the compass, printing, advanced ships, massive public works projects, paper currency, banking, fireworks, cannons, landmines, the compass, seismographs, kites, cast iron, blast furnaces and toilet paper. Westerners were literally using wooden sticks to clean their assholes before. Now China is rising again and the west will descend back to the shittery from which it came.

    • Justyouraverageguy

      I study different Asian cultures and
      -Most Asian girls still prefer Asian men as Asian men are more gentle etc.
      And the reason some Asian girls date white guys is because some of the poorer Asians have a misconception that all Westerners are rich–> basically they are gold diggers.
      -Asia’s economy is growing fast and the only Western country that has a remarkable economy is the USA and China,India is getting very close to becoming the next superpowers. And in countries like Korea, Singapore and Japan, it is highly urbanized and people are rich, living a lavish lifestyle.
      -And by the way, East Asians are born naturally fair. Also, Fairness was of great importance to Asians since the feudal times because darker skin colour was associated with the lower class (working as farmers under the hot sun etc).
      Educate yourself or exterminate yourself from the gene pool. The world does not need any more narrow minded idiots like you with a single digit IQ.

    • MOST ASIAN GIRLS DATE ASIAN GUYS, OK? AND STOP BEING A RACIST. I admit western world is generaly richer, and you feel good ’bout this but discriminating people from poorer countries is not a right thing to do 😦

  23. Some Asian guys have inferiority complex subconsciously, especially upon seeing Whitey bagging them hot, bonny Asian hoochie mamas😁! We need to get our games on and sow our oats far and wide, wider! Yes, the cards are indeed stacked against us in Western society. But if Western Asian males can prosperous economically and academically, then we can succeed in overcoming institutional prejudices! Yes, there area lot of Asian femes going snowing plowing lol but y’all shouldnt be jealous and hating!

    • actually, asian guys who are above average in looks already know they’re superior to most white dudes. also, they know that asian chicks would prefer them over anyone white; after all, how come the hottest asian chicks always seen with asian guys? notice how you don’t ever really see “hot” asian chicks with white men? well, whites may have lower standards and actually think they’re hot when they would be seen as ugly/mediocre by asians

    • Bruh I’m one hunned Asian and girls of all races love me. Wherever I go I always get the prettiest girls attention. Humans are like walruses. One alpha gets em all. If one alpha(Asianis more intelligent, genetically healthier, ballsier and handsome than all the other ones he gets em all haha

  24. Well, I AM from China, and I must say most asian are REAL cowards(in front of whites). They just love everything from da Western world(i.e. ¡America! and her fellas), learning whatever they do, though I find some of them incorrect(no culture is perfect) , and I think there is truely some traditional teachings that are wise and experienced, which deserve to be preserved.

  25. I have been in and out of japan frequently, and I have noticed the whitewashing as well, it’s annoying because basically its accepted White supremacy western countries disguise in media. American media is dangerous, always reminding people none is ever good enough. Japanese People are very Desperate to be with white people because they want WHITE children, they don’t care about anything else (which is why their numbers are decreasing dramatically) . Japanese men in particular treat white women as if they are Goddesses will put their life on the line in order to be with one (same for the Women). This thinking came out of the Feudal period when their young emperor envied the Americans and europeans coming into japan. He Threw away his traditions to adopt the western way of life. He too worshiped White.

    In japan you will NEVER see a beautiful african woman Model for an advert because Americans and europeans don’t embrace them as beauty either. It will on;y Get worse in the future. People step up and be Vocal about it, apparently when you apart this up to Japanese they act as if they don’t know what you are talking about.

  26. Lol I have my own opinions on this matter, but without experience in Japan, I can’t say too much about whether or not they hate themselves. I can say that America is a bit race-obsessed. The first person to use the word “race” as it’s used in America today, was Emmanuel Kant, a famous philosopher who first put the idea of racism as it is known in the U.S. today, in a book. After that the New World changed a lot

    I don’t know for a fact that Japan is just as concerned about race or racism in their country as Americans are. Perhaps concerned is a less fit word. . .the U.S. makes racism a big subject in the media and even politics; perhaps more than Japan does. Apparently if you belong to a certain political party, you could be racist in the U.S. This is sort of messed up, because it implies that being racist can be a political standpoint. The same goes for sexuality.

    I’m not sure if Japan thinks twice about who they’re representing in their advertisements and anime. Even if they are promoting a white image, does it bother them collectively as much as it bothers the U.S. . .a country that tends to be a little bit imperialistic? Is this their business to judge? If it isn’t, it’s still an interesting question.

    According to two of my friends who have spent most of their lives in Japan, the country is largely homogeneous. Even though many of their neighbors were curious and even ignorant of the fact that every race breeds people who are just like everyone else, my two friends didn’t experience any hostile racism as African Americans. They just noticed that Japan seemed mostly homogeneous racially, which resulted in people who drew up ideas about Black people from tv and nothing else. It didn’t seem to be a race-obsessed or race-concerned environment.

    I can’t say that I’ve experienced the same environment in every place I’ve been to in this country, but that’s a different story. Racism doesn’t bother me unless I am actually hampered in succeeding in life from it. That’s probably a very bad outlook to have. It’s selfish, but I don’t believe that I can change someone else’s heart.

    My point is, perhaps Japan doesn’t really see this as a problem, and because America has an embarrassing issue when it comes to how a good number of Caucasians have treated other races, we tend to notice when other countries are being “inner racists” very quickly. Maybe too quickly? I’m not sure if Japan even sees the ad problem through the same lens as Americans do.

    You can correct me if I’m wrong. Please don’t assume that I hate myself or anything. I’m just stating an opinion based off of what I know. Some American might say something related to my race or something, because that’s the American way. I’m just asking you to be as polite as you judge this post to be. I was born and raised in the States by the way.

    • I get whatcha saying but subtle self hate is just as stupid. Just because they don’t see it the same way does not make it right. A lot of this inferiority complex goes back to colonial times when whites paraded themselves as gods amongst inferiors, sort of like in the new movie gods of Egypt, which was a white washing abomination. There is some truth to the statement that there are many other reasons for it( pre-colonial class division along color lines, or just the natural attraction to genetic opposites for example, or even your relationship with your parents), however self hating AAs are the most pathetic thing I have ever encountered and it makes me wanna punch me like my boy takakii haha

  27. China is promoting this big time. It seems that white worship follows China’s rising affluence. They’ve been opening up spots for English teachers both in country and online, but they don’t want anyone but whites. It doesn’t matter if the white person (usually male) is a native English speaker or learned it as a secondary/tertiary language so long as the skin is white that’s all they care about. There are exceptions but usually IF an Asian/Asian American or black American teacher is hired, it’s to keep up a pretense – a bit of the saving face act that these self hating hypocrites are so skilled at.

    The Chinese online teaching industry excludes darker skinned people by the ton. They claim to be wanting their country to be First in the Future ( play around with that phrase and you’ll see the hint), but it’s bigotry and white worship plain and simple.

    Sadly, China is also pursuing eugenics with a fervor; requesting DNA samples from esteemed European and European Americans in the hopes of finding the so-called intelligence gene. They hope to use it to make smarter Chinese. Even though they’ll fail (intelligence is elusive) they don’t care. They hate themselves and think that white is best. Much of the blame falls is grounded in Confucius’s faulty reasoning that light skin is affluence and darker skin is labor. Over the course of thousands of years the Middle Kingdom has held onto this screwed up belief and white colonization simply cemented it into the minds of most Chinese. Couple that with the fact that China has always exerted great influence on their east Asian and southeast Asian (Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Malaysia) and you can see why so many Asians and southeast Asians hate themselves and worship whites.

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